Are there any EPA fireplaces with an open door or screen option?

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Dec 9, 2020
I'm doing major renovations and additions on my house and considering options. I currently have a 4 flue masonry chimney: a downstairs open fireplace (converted to an EPA insert w/ liner), downstairs outdoor BBQ flue (unused), upstairs open fireplace, and upstairs small Morso stove w/ liner.

It's making more and more sense to demo the chimney in order to rework the floor plan. I'd be happy to swap the downstairs insert for a bigger ZC fireplace, and move the Morso somewhere else w/ a standard metal pipe. My problem is the upstairs open fireplace... I love it, and can't lose the satisfaction of the crackle and pop!

I live in an area where open fireplaces are prohibited / grandfathered in. Are there any options to rebuild an open fireplace with a standard round flue pipe in a EPA certified way? I've seen the Osburn inserts with mesh door option, but haven't seen a ZC with it. Or sneak in a modern open fireplace after...

Thanks for any tips.
Some Osburn and Drolet inserts have this option.
Or a freestanding stove.

The RSF Opel 2 and Focus SBR fireplace have a firescreen option. There may be others in the RSF line also. FPX 44 and 36 Elite fireplaces too. There may be others.
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The Osburn Stratford II ZC has a screen option. The frame snaps in when the doors are open and the screen door swings open/closed in this frame.
Looks like the answer is yes, many ZC fireplaces have the screen option.