Astria montecito - insulation wet

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May 20, 2018
This fireplace was installed yesterday in a new build. Today we had storms. I'm guessing flashing around chimney area leaked. Water dripped on top of until. I can see through a vent of some kind it looks like insulation and it's wet. I'm assuming this needs opened up and removed.
Astria montecito - insulation wet Astria montecito - insulation wet
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Yes, that looks like the hot air vent port. The insulation has gotten wet. That is sloppy work by the contractor. They should have tarped it if the topside is not sealed with storm collar caulked and a cap on top. Good that this was caught before the fireplace was enclosed.

It should be dried out asap. Will there be ducting connected off of the hot air ports? Has the chimney been installed?
First chimney section it's on, but could easily be removed. No ducting will be done. I've sent pics to my builder.
They messed up. It may take removing the duct port and putting a heater in the unit to dry the insulation out. That or get a fire going in it. The duct port could be covered with a sheet metal patch after the insulation dries out. Or tell the contractor they just bought a fireplace.