Auber thermometer with magnet probe


Feeling the Heat
Feb 15, 2015

Has anyone used this product using the magnet probe attached to the stove? I’ve seen reviews with the flue probe, but didn’t see anything regarding the magnet. Gonna attach the magnet in the upper left hand corner where I normally take my readings. Just looking for reviews, positives/negatives.
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Feeling the Heat
Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
I have the washer probe for the AT200. I didn’t get the magnet as it’s max temp was 750 I think. Magnets become demagnetized at temps higher is my guess. I’m kicking myself for not getting it but I would like a permanent attachment. As I recall it wasn’t that expensive and I will probably give it a shot this year as I think I have a broken lead In my probe now and will replace it as well as repair it.



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Jan 12, 2008
Mass north of Boston
I had a home made magnetic probe for my stove top, it worked OK but seemed to read a bit on the low side and not react fast enough.
So I bonded a washer TC to the stove top with furnace cement mixed with copper filings. Works well but does not last for ever,
you need to re do it every once in a while.