Auger shaft install (distance) & Auger motor temp 7000-500. Quadra Fire CB1200

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New Member
Feb 11, 2022
Hi all,
Simple question.
QuadraFire Classic Bay 1200. Auger Motor 7000-500.
Been having auger motor issues and trouble shooting the low $$$.
It would intermittently shut off and then a horrible squeaking/squealing and now more of a grinding.
FYI Trouble shooting. All learned from posts on here.
- Vacuum switch new
- Took out auger motor and shaft. Hit it all over with a wire brush on my drill. Treated with graphite powder spray and straight powder in smaller parts. Put a new bushing on.
So as I said - all the <$25 fixes.

So I got the squealing to stop but now it is more of a grinding. It 100% is the motor. I can feel the vibration on it when I touch it and its turning.

So the question: Is it at all possible that I set the shaft in too far close/away and that's causing the grinding noise? I did my absolute very best to set it back exactly as I could see the allen screw markings on the flat side and its grinding.
When I get the new motor is there a sweet spot the shaft has to be set in distance wise?
I am not to break into the motor cause why...if its bad its bad.

Question 2: Does the motor need to be warm? I'm asking this as I'm typing sitting next to the stove and the noise is stopping. I did all the work in a 20 degree barn. 30 min. sounds fine now that its up to temp. huh?

I don't mind dropping $100 for a part after a decade of running perfect. Just really trying to understand this stove fully. Learned a lot from you guys every season and happy to learn a bit more.