Autoclean Motor Quad Mt Vernon Insert

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Feeling the Heat
Feb 11, 2009
Northeastern PA
Has anyone ever replaced the autoclean motor in a Mt Vernon AE insert? Looks to be quite cramped in there and was wondering if there's a procedure that makes it more tolerable. Had issues of the autoclean floor getting stuck once in a while which of course stops the stove from working. I've tried cleaning the autoclean floor to no avail. The screw holding the linkage is pretty darn tight that I will be having difficulty getting it off so its not a loose screw issue. Was thinking that the motor is getting weak (its probably 10+ years old). Was thinking changing the motor out and the switch at the same time - its cheap enough.

Thanks for any advice.



Oct 25, 2013

Did you ever do this? The end of last heating season my autoclean cycle started making a high pitched squeal and it is not the bottom of the burnpot scraping.

I looks REALLY tight in there.

I'm just looking for any advice....thanks,