Babies room?

HatCityIAFF Posted By HatCityIAFF, Dec 31, 2012 at 10:27 AM

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    Nov 18, 2005
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    My mom told me that she left the window in our rooms cracked open a bit in the winter when we were babies. Thought the fresh air was better for us. She grew up in a chilly house and lived to 101!
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    Looks like you've got a plan. Just because I haven't seen it mentioned I'll put in that you can always have baby in bed with the two of you. They don't take up much room for a while & it is pretty darned cute having the little one right there :). You can sleep very safely in the same bed IF you do it smart (no drinking, drugs, masses of blankets....) & especially if mom is breastfeeding. Do some research if you're at all interested.
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    Hehheh . . . no kids here . . . but that definitely wouldn't work with me if I did have a baby. The cats learn quickly to either move to the top of the bed in the headboard or down near my feet since I toss and turn all night long . . . and I have vivid dreams . . . I once woke up while having a dream where a dog was attacking me and I smacked it on the head . . . woke up to hear my wife go "Ouffff" and that's when I realized I had thumped her in my sleep.
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    A little OT, studies have shown that how acclimatized we are to heat/humidity as adults is set by how much we are exposed to before the age of 2! IOW, the British in India were miserable, but their children born there were as well adapted as the natives. Configuration of sweat glands apparently. Heat adaptation does not appear to work the same way.

    So too much heat for a baby will not make them soft, but too much AC might.
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  5. MasterMech

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    Hmmm, might explain why I consider anything more than 60 deg, too warm. ==c Grew up in a 200 year old house, insulated with brick and newspaper. ;lol
  6. DexterDay

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    Pellet furnace or wood furnace and keep even temps in all rooms.

    Or the electric heaters work well too. The 1st couple years, I ran one in my Sons room. 2 years ago, I bought a Fahrenheit Endurance pellet furnace and an Englander 30 (both for the basement). Knew a Baby was coming and wanted to heat the house evenly. I can get the basement quite hot with the 30 and the furnace sucks that heat and distributes it upstairs.

    Paid for itself the 1st year (both of them). But having LP, my yearly total was around $3,600!! Return was quick. My Quad paid for itself the 1st year also (my 1st stove, still used occasionally, and for shoulder seasons).

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