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    I finally decided on a Whitfield Advantage pellet stove insert. My family really enjoys it. It has turned our chilly family room into a warm homey place to hang out. Thanks for all the information on your website and email correspondence and links to local dealers - we've been very happy with Courtland Hardware of Bel Aire, MD.

    Now for my question:

    Where can I find information on power generators so that I can operate my pellet stove during power outages? Your assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated!


    here are a number of companies that sell these battery backups. One I've heard of is called "Stove Sentry" although I do not have the manufacturers name. I tried (and it worked) one of the popular computer UPS units, which is actually the same thing as these battery backups. The only difference might be the amount of hours that you get.

    In the end, no standard UPS backup is likely to work for more than a few hours, as it would take very large batteries to do this.

    You can see the stove sentry at http://www.stovesentry.com - this is a neat system since you can hook it up to RV batteries and get lots of backup time.

    Link: Stove Sentry Link
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