Bangor Foundry and Machine Parlor stove

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May 4, 2021
First, thanks for letting me join your forum, and I have quite enjoyed perusing the threads. Also thanks in advance for any help.

So I purchased this lovely little parlor stove at an auction (patent 1876). a little sandblasting, a little welding of the cast iron, and it is back in decent shape. I plan on using furnace cement to tighten the whole thing up, though the front doors will never be tight.

I understand that it is a coal stove, and it is missing its grill. I have access to a waterjet, and some perf steel (or stainless)that I can cut to shape for it. Any particular alloy that i should be using for this? What about the threaded rod that helps hold all the parts together? just regular threaded rod? or will that all rust out and fall apart quickly?

I do plan on using this irregularly (to heat a carriage house in spring and fall) but am not planning on trying to heat anything fully or in the winter.

IMG_1056.jpeg IMG_1068.jpeg
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Nov 10, 2018
Eastern Pa.
I've rebuilt 3 potbelly stoves, and had an upright parlor stove rebuilt professionally. Stainless steel bolts were used as much as possible. It doesn't have the shear strength of carbon steel, but that shouldn't be needed. I was worried about rust because all 3 potbelly's I took apart had bolts rusted down pretty thin. Of course the old bolts were probably over 50 years old, so maybe I was over-thinking it.

If you're going to use coal, I can't help you with the grate. If you're going to use wood, you might be able to get a used one at a flea market, craigslist, etc. If it's just going to set inside on the floor of the stove, the size shouldn't be too critical.

By the way, NICE shop! Curt


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Feb 26, 2021
That is the strangest stove that I have ever seen and that belongs in a museum and I would "retire it"--lol..You must be a very talented and work oriented person and your shop picture is very interesting...Thanks for sharing..clancey