Bargain shopping for Englander 30-NC (Summer's Heat, etc)

DCS Posted By DCS, Apr 13, 2013 at 1:57 PM

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    Apr 8, 2013
    I did my first burn outside on the back patio, with 24" stovepipe. Danno is right, it didn't get very hot.

    I moved it indoors for the install, then did the 2nd burn on a fairly warm day. I got a nice long burn with the damper shut almost all the way. Didn't notice much smell.

    Did the 3rd burn a few days later in a cold snap. I gave it a little more air, and it got plenty warm. It gave off a noticeable smell for the next three burns, all using the full capabilities of the stove without overfiring. The smell wasn't a horrible paint smell. It was more like the "burned dust" smell you get when you fire up a heater for the first time. My wife and kids noticed it, but we kept a window open and nobody died and now we're past it.

    BTW, i installed mine solo with a good appliance truck. Just remove the bricks, and it's doable for one guy.
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    I found another HD last summer in the Los Angeles area that had the $649 deal after the VA ones dried up. I bought mine from the store in VA last year about this time. That included free shipping across one t-hold. The shipping was changed to on-site drop a week after I got my stove.

    I have found that HD does not have a clue as to their online policy, sales, or various store inventory. Hear say that they do not like employees that are too smart? They tend to get fired.

    Oh, and I got a bonus from Obama on the stove, after they extended the 10% tax credit for 2012. So it was $584 total.
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