Q&A Basement installation

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Nov 27, 2012

For a relatively tight home and basement installation would you recommend a direct vent gas fire log stove for a supplemental heat source for a few hours a day. B-vent is not possible and I am not comfortable with nonvent. The problem is this, what would be necessary is a 7 ft. vertical pipe then a 90 degree elbow then a 13 ft. floor span running parallel to the floor joists to reach the exterior wall. This is the only location that is practical for the stove, but would this expanse of pipe be acceptable with Direct Vent (DV) Appliances


Every stove is different..my gut feeling is that you might have a tough time going more than 10-12 feet over. You have to crack the manual of each specific model to determine if this run is possible. ..it just may be in a few select models.

Another option might be a power vented fireplace. Central Fireplace makes one.


Link: Power vented Fireplaces
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