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    I am installing a wood burner in my basement, going through the concrete block wall and up the exterior wall. What material do I need to go through the block wall? Can I use stovepipe because the block wall is non-combustible?


    There are no applications, that I am aware of, that would allow you to pass through the concrete wall with a black pipe. If you did, the black pipe wouldn't last very long because of high corrosion. BLACK PIPE IS INTENDED TO BE USED IN OPEN INTERIOR APPLICATIONS ONLY. The two states that I am licensed in (WA & OR), follow the International one and two family dwelling code. It states that you must follow the chimney manufacturers instructions. The manufacturers instructions do not allow for such an application.

    I have installed several stainless chimneys that pass horizontally through a concrete wall, and all have met local code and passed local building inspections. Several that we completed were on State of Oregon owned buildings. You will need to core through the wall and mortar in a galvanized or stainless sleeve that is at least 1/2" larger in diameter than the outside of the stainless chimney. On the outside you will have to locate the tee support bracket and drill the necessary holes needed for its application into the concrete. We use a fastener called "Hot Shots", which is available at fastener supply distributors. After you secure the tee support bracket, the tee and the horizontal portion of the chimney that passes through the wall, you can proceed with installing the vertical sections of the chimney. If the inside of your concrete wall is finished with combustible material, you must purchase and install a wall thimble or wall radiation shield. Different chimney manufacturers may have a different name for it. Remember to follow their instructions and do not mix parts from different manufacturers.

    For excellent info click on this link: www.icc-rsf.com/default-eng.htm When you get to the site click on : Technical support Then click on : EXCEL Chimney

    If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, contact your local Hearth Retailer and they should be able to take care of your needs.
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