Bat Cave Carolina I


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Jan 12, 2021
My neighbor asked for help with cleaning out his storage unit and told me that it was still working and everything, blower and a, but I can not find anything to price this out... There's so little documentation on it that I'm at a total loss. Condition wise, it's worn, needs a little TLC for looks, but that's it....

I listed it at 300$ on a local buy/sell/trade and within an hour, I had roughly 200 messages, so I'm concerned I may be vastly underpricing this particular find


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Oct 27, 2008
Wildwood MO
I would take the money and run. Bat cave stoves was made form the mid 70's until the late 80's when they went out of business. At that the fabrication shop that manufactured them started building there own called Xtec then later became High Valley stove. The early bat cave stove looked to me very similar to an early Buck. I passed on one years back for a $100 and glad I didn't drag that thing home.