BBR Kickapoo Stove Questions

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Dec 16, 2022
East Iowa
First post. Sorry for the length. I'm still learning.

I purchased a home back in the summer, and it had an old Kickapoo Stove works BBR model in the basement. I've been combing the forums for a while and doing research on woodstove operation. I had the flue cleaned out a few months back, and I've ran the stove twice now. I quite enjoy the heat it puts out- I'm hooked. I found the manual for the BBR someone posted, but it is quite limited on the information of the stove internals. In the stove(see picture), there is a grate (with a hole burned through but still operable) that runs most of the length of the stove and a solid stone/iron square tile at the back. Both are removable. Does anyone know if the configuration of these two items matters? Either tile in front and grate in back or grate in front and tile in back. The draft is in the front on the ash door (so the air has to enter through the bottom of the grate). I've been trying to center the fire over the tile (towards the back; see picture) so too many coals don't drop down away from the wood. I was trying to think maybe if the tile is in the front, then the air's path to the fire is longer so it heats up more before combusting. Additionally, the tile in the front lets you center the fire towards the front. Or maybe it doesn't matter at all since the coals that drop down continue to burn and heat up the air anyway?

Additional question: there was never a rope gasket on the ash door when I purchased the home. Should there be one? There was a gasket on the loading door, which I replaced because it was quite worn. The ash door does not have a channel/groove to accept a gasket like the loading door does so that suggests it wasn't intended to have a gasket.

I realize this is an old and inefficient stove, and it's more of a thing for my wife and me to enjoy on weekends. I appreciate the help!

BBR Kickapoo Stove Questions BBR Kickapoo Stove Questions
Looks like the solid plate goes in the back. (Charcoal plate). I'm not sure on the gasket. I would assume the ash door needs to seal in some way, as it will allow extra air into the box. It may be a machined fit? Picture might help.

BBR Kickapoo Stove Questions


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I’ve added pictures of the two doors. The lower ash tray port just has a recess that the door nests in. There’s not much of a gap to fit a gasket. The loading port has a u-channel that goes all around and fits a 1/2” rope gasket.

Since this isn’t an EPA stove, is it normal for a moderate amount of smoke to always be coming out of the chimney? I’m burning wood that reads below 20% degrees on a MC meter. I have a stovepipe thermometer and I always keep it in the 300-400°F range. More (~500°F) for about 5-10 minutes if I just loaded a log or two and I want it to catch quickly.

BBR Kickapoo Stove Questions BBR Kickapoo Stove Questions