Biomass 60 Fine Tuning

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Dec 11, 2011
I'm not an expert, but that aqua stat has a whole lot going on, if I looked up the right one.

It looks like it has some of the capabilities of the switching relay in your shop.

Maybe you want a simpler aqua stat to turn on the transfer pump in the shop to push water to the house? Then I think you would wire it in place of a thermostat in zone 3, not at the TT.

Did you connect the TT terminal from the sr503 to the aqua stat in the house?


Feb 27, 2012
northern new york
I think I have the thing figured out...nice fire going with perfect gasification


Honeywell r8182d Aqua stat... Tonight I tried to connect the Honeywell, from the "TT" terminal to the Taco in my shop one the Zone 3 in the turn on the Grundfos. ..the Honey well was making an awful racket when I went back in the house. Can anyone help?

Hi 1969gmc, don't know if you got your answer already, but you can use a relay with the aquastat, instead of direct wiring your pump (or pumps?) to the terminals of the aquastat. Essentially, the pump/s will get their power through the relay contacts and the aquastat would only power the coil in the relay. If you are using the Honeywell aquastat to power two pumps, you may be getting too much amps through their contact. Sorry if I didn't got your post correctly or misunderstood you in some way.


Minister of Fire
Mar 4, 2009
Southern Tenn
Heck yeah you have it figured out, beautiful flame. I'd check to see if your nozzle edges are eroded. We see large clinkers when the nozzle opening becomes a large funnel due to erosion. Congrats.


Minister of Fire
Jan 25, 2010
N.W. Ohio
Looks like you have it dialed in !
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