Bixby 115 parts.

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Jan 15, 2017
Central Iowa
I have a Bixby Max fire 115 I am junking. I bought it new in 2006 and it has been running fine except for a few quirks here and there.
The other day, I started it up and heard a clunk inside, it didn't alarm out or anything, but smoke started billowing out of it. Come to find out that the exhaust fan had rusted off of the motor. In fact, the entire exhaust manifold and motor section was rusted out.
I don't feel like dealing with it, so I pulled out all of the motors, electronics, wiring etc. Is anyone interested in any of these parts? I actually have a brand new convection fan in box, also. The door and glass are fine, The ignitors failed a few years ago and I was too cheap to buy new ones. Lighting with a torch isn't a big deal to me. It was running fine up until a couple days ago. The rest of the stove is going to the salvage scrap yard.


New Member
Nov 14, 2021
I am interested in several different parts, do you have a list and price available?
Please email me. Thanks


New Member
Nov 24, 2021
New York
I'm interested in a total buy, but really need a touch pad for the control console.

Also, the convection fan is available new.

EBMPAPST R2E220-AA44-23 115VDC Blower Fan​


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