Bixby corn stove door gasket

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Minnesota gal

New Member
Mar 22, 2021
We have a Bixby corn stove over 15 years old. We have a love/hate relationship ;) Has anyone changed out the gasket in the door on these?? it has a sleeve around the gasket and was chalked with silicone very well. I switched out the door with a spare Bixby door we have on hand.


Minister of Fire
Apr 2, 2008
southwestern Minn
It generally is the easiest just buy a extra door because of the difficulty in finding the proper material and having the tools to do it right.. there is people who may have extra doors available that are good.


New Member
Nov 24, 2021
New York
The door gasket and glass are custom factory fitted. Most glass shop do replace stove glass and gaskets on most stoves, except the Bixby, and most shops won't touch them. It's not really a DIY. As Rona said above it is better to find another if possible. Also, the high temp RTV helps with voids and there is an adjustment on the door latch for tightness that is DIY. Good luck finding a fix.