Q&A Blaze King Company claims 20 hours burn time

QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    The Blaze King Company claims that their PEJ/PE 1006 model stove has a low burn time of a average 20 hours with a overall efficiency of 82.5%. The KEJ/KE 1102 model has a low burn time of 40 hours and efficiency rating of 79.3%. The Salesman in Sheridan, Oregon said that the large model KEJ/KE 1102 has burned for nearly 60 hours on a single load of wood at a Wood Stove Trade Show he attend. I don't see how this is possible compared to soapstone stove. Is this a used car salesman scam?


    Burn times AND the calculation of burn time ratings are not equal from brand to brand. While I do not doubt that the blaze king held a fire for that long, the real question is how much heat was released to the room during the extended burn.

    You have to choose a stove based on your needs. The large blaze kings have a very big firebox which is nice if you have lots of wood and large heating needs. However, most stoves are best used at medium and higher, so unless you are going to use the large firebox, it might go to waste.

    In the end, most of the stoves available today burn decently and at relatively comparable efficiencies.

    Keep in mind that, in general, catalytic stoves such as this Blaze King model will burn for longer periods than most non-cat wood stoves. For a rough comparison, you can look at the firebox size in cubic feet of various stoves.

    Another point to keep in mind is the density of the wood species you are using. If you are using a lightweight softwood, you will get less burn time (at similar outputs) than a heavier hardwood.

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