Blaze King King 40 New Cat Stove 2020 Smoke Smell

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New Member
Dec 5, 2021
Caledon, Ontario
We have had a Blaze King that looks just like the current King 40 models ... since 2003. The occasional smell of smoke is something that puzzled us for a while. One night is was in the dark room and noted that there was a nice bed of coals but no flames visible. Then there was a mini flashover and a puff of smoke came out from any joint in the stack that was not sealed. A flame danced across inside the stove for a minute or two then disappeared. Several minutes later it repeat. We call it puffing. No flames ... Puff ... smoke leaks when it puffed, then a flame for a few minutes. After some experimenting we discovered that opening the draft just enough to get a constant flame, even just a small flame ... eliminated the puffing and the smoke smell in the house it created. Hope this helps