Q&A Blower for Fire-View Wood Heater?

QandA Posted By QandA, Dec 2, 2007 at 5:02 AM

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    I have a wood burning stove by the name of Fire-View Wood heater. I know that a blower can be attached to it however I don't know where or what to get. It is a very odd stove it is a horizontal cylinder with a rectangle on the front with glass. You load the wood from the side. Do you know anything about these stoves? And where I can find a blower to fit it?


    It very well could be a Russo stove, which had the tradename "Fire-view". If it can handle a blower, it is likely that there is a double wall shield on the rear with a rectangular cutout where the blower mounts. You should measure this and call the folks at Woodman Associates....tell them you think it is a Russo Fire-view...older model.

    12/2007 Maybe try Russo as well. (781) 963-1182

    https://www.hearth.com/partsplace.html for Woodman's phone, etc,

    Link: Hearth.com Partsplace

    Link: Russo Products Inc.
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