Boiler purchase

Danny Gosse

New Member
Dec 9, 2017
I am upgrading from the old Adobe wood Boiler/ Seton clone.
I am looking for users of the Orlan Gasification Wood Boiler.
The Orlan is reasonably priced compared to Econoburn & Froiling
I live in Newfoundland, Canada


Minister of Fire
Aug 22, 2010
Northern Canada
I have an Econoburn 200
I would buy it all over again.


Minister of Fire
Nov 26, 2008
Southeastern Vt.
I am presently in the process of removing my EKO 25 from service after 10 years because of my age and health problems. It's been a terrific boiler. The only sign of wear is a chip along the top of the ceramic and some wear on the nozzle which I had replaced about 4 +- years ago. Otherwise it's like new. Never had any problems nor have I ever needed to replace any parts except for the nozzle and upper door gasket. Has run flawlessly
No bells and whistles like many of the higher priced boilers available today.
Getting ready to advertise it for sale along with the stainless 500 gallon tank.

If I were installing a boiler today this would be my choice.

PS: You will find that your wood will need to be drier and smaller for a downdraft gasifier than it is for the Adobe.


Feeling the Heat
Mar 5, 2013
South Central Pennsylvania
Mine has worked well for 2 years. I had some trouble with the connection on the controller, but I was able to fix it easily. I do have issues with getting some smoke in my garage if I load it while burning, but I normally don't load it while it is burning.