Bought an old Jotul 602 could use some advice

thelionhaswings Posted By thelionhaswings, Mar 18, 2014 at 11:59 PM

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  1. thelionhaswings

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    Bought an old Jotul 602 last Saturday. Paid $100 for it. Cast date is 7-3-78. Looks to be in very good condition but there are a couple of issues. There is about a three inch crack in the back and the back plate seems to be slightly warped. Very common from what I've researched. Rusty, its been in storage for thirteen years.

    I am wondering:

    Should I use it in my home? Or should I bite the bullet and buy a new one? $$$ Going to vent up the chimney and use as supplemental heat, evenings and weekends. Insurance issues?
    How should I handle the crack in the back? Cement?
    Should I paint it? Its got a nice patina but its rust. Should I bother? Hit it with a wire brush and stove paint from the hardware store. Any good how to links available?
    How can I loosen the screws holding the plate on the back and the chimney vent on top. They've been soaking in penetrating oil the past couple of days and are not moving.

    Please forgive any transgressions, I am an absolute beginner.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Had pictures to insert here. Trying to figure it out. Upload a File button is doing nothing. Mac.
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    A warped back plate or baffle can lead to smoke leakage directly behind the baffle in the back of the stove. This can overheat the back and crack it. Parts are still available for the stove and it's an easy rebuild. I would pull out the baffle and side plates and assess their real condition. Once they start warping that will continue to get worse. Take a shot of the back of the stove and post it here. Hard to say how bad it is without seeing the crack.
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