Breckwell P-23 Pellet Stove & the Dollar Bill test

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Nov 29, 2005
East Central, NY
Howdy. I was reading about wood stove maintence and I tired the dollar bill test on both my older wood stove and my Breckwell pellet stove (model P-23FSL). Much to my surprise I was not able to pull out the dollar on the wood stove, but rather certain spots on the Breckwell. I'm thinking I should replace the door gasket (and probably the ash pan door gasket too)? Should I order a kit from Breckwell/or a dealer, or can I just go with matching up the gasket material at the local hardware store? Since pellet stoves tend to be very part specific, I wasn't sure.


Howes Cave, NY


Nov 19, 2005
the Indiana Riviera
I think that as long as the gasket is similar, and of course is sold in the right length, you don't need to order it from the dealer. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

Also, does anyone know of a way to "shim out" the gasket just in the bad areas, so a full replacement isn't necessary?
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