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    We are moving into a home that has a large brick wall with a brick fireplace. We have been searching for answers on how to remove the brick, how much can be removed, and how to update the fireplace itself. We want to pull out the wood stove insert in it and create a natural gas fireplace with a mantle and tile. Can we remove the top layer of brick, and sheetrock over the top? If you do not know the answer to these questions, could you please direct us in another direction? Perhaps you know of someone that may know if you don't.


    On most brick fireplaces, the entire interior wall is a facade that is installed last..after the fireplace is built. It is fastened to the cinder block front of the fireplace structure and to the walls on the sides and top of that. In this case, it could surely be removed and replaced with some other facade such as stone, wonderboard and tile, etc.

    Do not use sheetrock near the fireplace, use cement board - Wonderboard and Durarock are two brands.

    A professional should look at and confirm the present construction of the fireplace before you do any modifications like the above.
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