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figure i would actually measure time.always throwing out numbers off the top of my head never right lol .bholler always saying doesn't seem very long for a big stove so now i know ;lol
12 hrs is nothing to scoff at in my opinion, but I don’t know the stove.
I just got 7.5 from a cold start but I added one split at 1.5 hours in. I was very happy to wake up to big chunks of hot coals. Back to cruise setting in 15 minutes on a reload. It will be 60 today so this load will burn out.
lit it at 8pm went to work,came home 7:30 still throwing heat about 15ft from stove.happy about that.mix of wood never keep track of species.1700s stone house no insulation.
My burn times are really low. I use left over moulding and trim pieces, which burn very hot and fast. I never load a full load at all, just a few pieces at a time. Keeps my old uninsulated house at around 69 all winter. Just a lot of work, but its free wood.
I’ve been doing consistent 12 hour burns for pretty much this whole month. Usually this time of year I’m into an 8 hour loading schedule but the milder temps this year is helping me save some wood.

These 12 hour burns have been with Aspen and I get a good 7 hours of usable heat then about 5 hour coaling stage with plenty of coals for next reload.
24 to 26 hours with a full load of softwoods on minimum air. Very little heat by the end, but enough coals for a hot reload. Sometimes enough coals for a hot reload at 32 hours.

16 to 18 hours of sufficient heat to keep my indoor temps in the mid-to-high 60s dF with outdoor temps in the high 20s to low 30s.

I'm generally doing two 1/2 loads a day to keep the heat more consistent.

1800 sq ft with 14 ft ceilings and skylights. 1970s construction, mediocre insulation.
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I normally get 12 hr burns with this 38-48º weather but not currently. It's more like 10 hrs. The difference is that our wood is super dry this year and a lot of it is sap wood instead of heartwood.