Burning wood with nails?

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Dec 11, 2005
St Louis, MO

Some friends of mine just got a woodstove and I have access to a lot of pallets (not pellets) which I cut up for them. I understand the need to mix this thinner wood with "normal" wood to avoid too-hot fires but what about the pieces with nails in them. I don't want to go through the trouble of pulling them all out (and neither do my friends). Is it okay to burn these pieces in a non-catalytic stove? Will the nails do any damage to the stove or the chimney? I figure it would be fairly easy to fish the nails out of the ashes with a strong magnet if need be.

I appreciate any feedback and hope you will forgive me if this is a stupid idea.

thanks, David Kirtley


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Nov 19, 2005
Central Sands, Wisconsin
Burn them. They won't hurt anything.
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