Can anybody identify this Regency wood insert?

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Nov 1, 2021
Hello folks,
I stumbled across a pretty cheap used Regency insert for sale, which peaked my interest. Unfortunately I (or the seller) does not know the model number, or year of manufacture. I have a couple pics, attached, and was wondering if any Regency experts would know what model/year(ish) it was made? They’re asking $500 which I think could be a good deal since usually I see Regency for a lot more. Thanks for any replies in advance.

DD0EC3B6-F1D5-4C0D-8A82-14C550D91C4E.jpeg 85400BB1-61A5-486E-A849-096B29A1992D.jpeg 478A0408-4B63-49D5-BFAC-00242883E6EF.jpeg BC0B6EEA-130A-44DA-AF94-CA016B7F295E.jpeg
Looks like a Hearth Heater to me, but if you
pull the blower assembly from below the ash lip,
you'll find the rating plate located there.
It should pry straight out.
If it's gone, you'll hafta measure the
length width & height. That'll tell us which model it is.
Thanks to Daksy for the help here and in IMs.

In the end, it is a 1999 H2100M Hearth Heater with blower, all in great condition, too. Found out the info by removing the blower and inspected below the lip, as instructed!

Pretty good deal for $450 on FB Marketplace.

4C1B5DFD-44D5-47B3-BF8C-E6B43A1C55DD.jpeg F5670094-1E29-417C-AC71-AF7B9070F9DC.jpeg 66B2585F-57C9-4705-9A33-926F3E076310.jpeg A8DCB253-0494-478A-B6B8-7968F0F6D9C2.jpeg
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I have the exact hearth heater. It works wonderfully. I cant believe you can get it for 500. If it passes your inspection and there are no problems with it, should be a great wood stove.

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