Can chimney just go out "sideways" of chase/house?

FPX Dude Posted By FPX Dude, Aug 6, 2013 at 5:36 PM

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  1. FPX Dude

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    Have a friend who wants to replace gas insert with a woodstove. The chase is over 30+ ft., and he doesn't want to run a chimney that far. Can you just have the chimney go out the sideways of the chase and stay sideways? If so, at some point there has to be some height here for it to get a draft, how height would that have to be?
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    Generally you want to limit the amount of horizontal run to a relatively short length . . . and yes . . . you will need a vertical run to maintain the draft. The individual stove manufacturer often specifies a minimum height . . . I would guess most stove manufacturers would like to see at least a 14-18 foot vertical rise.
  3. webby3650

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    A wood burning flue cannot run horizontally, only the stove pipe and the snout of a Tee is allowed to. The chimney is only allowed to elbow at 30 degrees off vertical, and has to terminate vertically. I hope this is the answer to your question.
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    short answer NO!

    longer more detailed answer;

    the chase runs up past the roofline i suspect. the flue for a wood burning appliance will have to do the same inside the chase. in order to be properly drafted. a woodstove must be connected to a flue which meets the "10-3-2" rule

    this means that the top of the flue must be at least 3 ft higher than where it passes the roofline , also it must be at least 2 ft higher than any part of the roof within 10 ft of the flue itself , now if the flue is within 10 ft of the peak of the roof it must extend a minimum of 2 ft ABOVE THE PEAK, if it is further away than 10 ft it must be 2 ft higher than the slope of the roof is at 10 ft away
    picture yourself on the roof with a 10 ft board and a ruler, imagine laying the 10 ft board on the slope above the flue then butting the other end flat against the side of the flue making it level , then measure from the board where it strikes the side of the flue , the measurement would need to be at least 2 ft (not counting the cap) for the flue to be able to "pull" the stove (create enough draft to operate the stove)

    failure to follow these parameters will result in the stove not being operable and if attempted could result in property damage
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    Nope, this is not venting a gas stove.
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