Castle Serenity Ticking/Clicking Noise

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New Member
Dec 30, 2022
Hi All!

I've tried doing everything I can including searching posts on here and other forums before posting and I am hoping someone has some insight into this. This is my 3rd season with my Castle Serenity and up to a few weeks ago I have loved it. After getting ready for the season, sometime just after Thanksgiving my stove has started to make a clicking noise about every minute - two minutes and lasts maybe 10-30 seconds or so. It usually takes anywhere from 20-60mins for it to start doing it and never stops. Sometimes it is quiet and fast like (t-t-t-t-t-t...) but most times it is a slow clicking like (tick- tick - tick -tick) it comes and goes as the fire goes up and down, but doesn't seem directly related to it, sometimes it happens when the fire is low, sometimes when the fire is high. I tried getting a video, but my phone sound is terrible and was really hard to hear. We have not had any over-temp alarms or shutdowns. I did a fairly thorough cleaning this year (pipes, combustion motor etc) . I have looked around for loose parts, door glass bolts were a little loose and the door pin was too but I fixed that and it did not change anything. I also scoured around for broken welds but haven't seen anything like that either. The only other odd thing that has happened this year is the door creaks a little when heating or cooling but that goes away fairly quickly and I know it's the door because if I hold it tight the noise stops. This clicking/ticking noise is driving me a bit nuts. Anyone have any ideas or experience anything like this? Thanks in advance!


Minister of Fire
Aug 8, 2017
Possibly the auger motor out of alignment. I had to disconnect the auger motor on my Serenity to replace the igniter. When I put it back in service I initially had a noticeable ticking with each revolution of the motor. In my case it ceased ticking after a short time in use.