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  1. D

    Auger not working after replacing ignitor

    We recently replaced the ignitor on our castle serenity. At the same time my husband moved it outside, cleaned the exhaust and replaced all the stove piping. Upon return to its throne and firing it up the auger would not drop pellets. On diagnostics the auger will turn when emptied out. It...
  2. X

    Castle Serenity Ticking/Clicking Noise

    Hi All! I've tried doing everything I can including searching posts on here and other forums before posting and I am hoping someone has some insight into this. This is my 3rd season with my Castle Serenity and up to a few weeks ago I have loved it. After getting ready for the season, sometime...
  3. S

    Serenity - replaced power supply switch, still no power

    First of all, shame on all of you! I should not have been able to get my username “SerenityNOW” this late in the game. Also mind you, I am only undertaking these repairs under protest. I would gladly pay somebody to come do it but no one in my area can get to my little problems… Now to...
  4. J

    Castle Serenity backup power

    Wanted to see if anyone has expierence using a battery backup system. I was interested in the Sire Fire 512, but was told by manufacturer that it won’t work. Looking for uninterrupted power. Can’t anything out there are anybody that has a system for this stove. Any info would help. Thanks.
  5. J

    Castle Serenity Alarm Low Temp

    First time poster here. I bought a house in June that came with a Castle Serenity pellet stove in the basement. I’m familiar with the basics of pellet stove maintenance but not with more detailed work. Been running the stove for about 4-6 weeks as a secondary heat source and in the last...
  6. J

    New door gasket not passing the dollar bill test

    Castle serenity/ordered a new gasket from the co. Door and glass gaskets the door gasket looks wider then I remember but installed it anyway, the door was very hard to close at first let stand 24 hrs fired up and I could smell smoke shut it down did the gasket test and left side of door failed...
  7. D

    Castle Serenity = massive electric use increase

    Help! First time pellet stove users. Always had wood burners before. We bought & installed our new Castle Serenity about Nov 14, 2018 It's installed correctly, vent rise & piped correctly out the side wall, fresh air inlet uses house air (drafty small house 900 sq ft), stove set in corner of...
  8. M

    Castle Serenity vs Comfortbilt HP50

    Hello, I am currently using a Serenity in my 800 sq ft house and although I like the stove, it has its quirks (hard starts, small hopper, cleaning is kinda a pain.) I am moving to a poorly insulated 3 story 1000sq ft house with the stove on the middle floor. I am torn between the Castle Serenity...
  9. J

    Castle Serenity lcd display flashing

    I purchased a Castle Serenity pellet stove 2 months ago and it seemed to be working fine. Three weeks ago while on the temperature control setting the stove seemed to smolder out with a warning to check basket. The basket was full. It doesn't seem to be reigniting. On manual it worked fine...
  10. Brownstone mony pit

    A p61a, accentra 52i, and a serenity walk into a stone house.... looking for advice

    Hello! I have a few questions about what would be the best setup for some new stoves I've acquired this summer. I got a castle serenity back in January and it paid for itself this past winter with a 1000 dollar savings of oil. So instead of paying another $4500 for the hotwater baseboard to...
  11. VTSally

    Castle Serenity vs. Enviro Mini

    Hello, I'm a new member but have been reading reviews and old threads for a few weeks with gratitude for all of the great information here. I could use some advice on choosing a pellet stove for a 600sq ft condo in central Vermont that I purchased this April, and which is my primary residence...
  12. L

    Castle serenity

    flame goes out when switching from ignite to heating.. stove is cleaned and all wires connected.. trying to get hold of the company.. customer service is terrible
  13. D

    Castle Serenity auger noise

    Hi all, installed a Serenity two months ago, so far it has been awesome. Heats my home well now that I have it dialed in. Just this last week I started getting a loud clunk/knock from the auger, happens about every 12-15 cycles. Definitely coming from the motor side of the auger. I checked to...
  14. M

    Would You Recommend the Castle Serenity Pellet Stove?

    Hello, I'm thinking about buying the Castle Serenity wood pellet stove, primarily because I'm on a tight budget and it has received good ratings/reviews on numerous websites including and I have...
  15. Jonkman

    Castle Serenity at Family Farm and Home for $699

    Hi All, I was out yesterday and stopped in at a Family Farm and Home by me and they had the Castle Serenity for $699. I don't see it on their web site so maybe if you call your local store and see if they have one for that price. FFH are in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio (near the border of...
  16. M

    Castle Pellet Stove Pellets

    Just plugged in, turned on and hoped for heat, but my stove isnt dropping pellets to be ignited. I have the Castle Serenity picked up from Home Depot. Does anyone have insight as to why pellets arent dropping. I am also looking for support to determine how to set up the digital blower volts and...
  17. C

    Castle Serenity, Duravent kit. Window clearence +

    Hi, Newbie here, in Massachusetts. Hopefully someone might be able to clarify something for me. And I won't make an ash of myself.:). So here goes All the diagrams on the stove manual show just the vent sticking outside the wall I have a Castle Serenity & 3" Duravent kit type L Will have an...