Castle Serenity TSC price


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Aug 24, 2019
Newport Ctr, Vt
I think I've decided to get a Serenity for the new 225 sq/ft shop. I was amazed how small it was when I just walked into Tractor Supply, it really helped to see it in person, even though I knew the specs. I asked the checkout woman if there were any big sales coming. She of course didn't know. Get back to the office and see what I thought was the regular price of $899, is really a $200 off sale, ending Sunday.

Is $899 really $200 off only until Sunday or is it a "perpetual" sale price? Can I expect to see a better price or is this the best I can reasonably hope for?

Deezl Smoke

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Nov 28, 2015
899 is actually not a bad price at a store. About 3 years ago, I bought mine at ACE hardware for 799, and I live in Oregon with no sales tax. But I had to order them in sight unseen. If you want it and the one in the store is undamaged etc., I would'nt hesitate buying it.


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Nov 19, 2005
Berks County PA.
Looks like the stove went up a bit in price this year to 1099.00 so yes 899.00 would be 200.00 off. Possible you might eventually see it slightly less then 899.00 but not worth waiting for.


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Oct 26, 2016
Metrowest MA
same as Deezl, i got it at ACE (website) with shipping to a store in NH to avoid sale tax.. ended up paying 800.
Right now TSC does have it at that price, but through sunday you should have a 10% off coupon if you signed up with the neighborhood program they have.


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Oct 8, 2015
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Great price !! Paid $999. 5 years ago @ Home Depot. They were hard to find @ the time. Its paid me back many times, though. Great service from on line PS company that imports it. Artisam Inc. You'll like it ! I heat 4 times your area with it.


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Oct 26, 2016
Metrowest MA
I forgot to point it out too, using the serenity for a 225sqft shop.. it might get VERY hot even in the low setting. I heat up my house most of winter at low heat while the stove is in the basement and is a total of ~1500sqft split entry. You might want to try something small for that workshop.