Q&A Catalytic vs Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves

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Nov 27, 2012

We are preparing to purchase a free standing woodstove for a finished basement in our home. Different dealers offer different opinions regarding catalytic vs non-catalytic woodstoves. (I suspect sometimes depending upon their respective inventories, but that is supposition only). Do you feel one type is superior and/or preferential to the other? If so, why?


They are different, and each has their advantages. I prefer a non-cat if I can get one to do the job...less parts, less hassle. However, many of the larger stoves are catalytic. These stoves can hold more wood and burn longer than a non-cat. In summary, I'd buy a non-cat for a small to medium unit and a cat for a large one. A more complete comparison of cat vs. non-cat is in our articles section:
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