Q&A cathedral ceiling support box installation

QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 5, 2001 at 2:20 PM

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    I'm installing a hearthstone stove, in a room with a cathedral ceiling . The support box is a roof supported set up on the low end of the trusses. My question is seeing that the support box runs directly from the roof down through truss space of 15" into heated room without a thermo break is this going to condensate in extreme cold conditions.Has anyone have this type of installation and is there going to be condensation problems.Would a outside chimney chase help eliminate any possible problems


    -Having owned a fireplace store for 20 years and installed many hundreds of similar chimneys, I have not found condensation to be a big problem. The exception could be if you were located in a tremendously humid area, or if it rained every day all summer (like this year in NJ!) In those cases, you sometimes just have to grain and bear it and repaint the pipe every once in awhile.

    Most condensation is formed when a cold pipe (like a water pipe) is exposed to the high heat and humidity....in this case, the insulated chimney is not really that cold compared to the outside or the attic, so perhaps that is why condensation is not a big deal.
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