CB1200i firepot cleaning

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    Below are the instructions from the manual. Working the firepot cleaning rod in and out
    has become more difficult lately. I thought this was due to build up from burning Stove Chow on low a lot recently. A through clean and inspection revealed no noticeable build up in the bottom of the firepot yet there was still a strong resistance when operating the cleaning rod about half way thru its stroke.I was getting ready to disassemble the clean out plate from the fire pot to get better access so I sprayed a little wd40 on the bolt that it pivots on to aid in taking it apart and low and behold it started working very smoothly as it was binding on the bolt. What would be a good product to lubricate this bolt with? It must get very hot.

    Cleaning Firepot with Cleaning Rod & Firepot
    Clean-Out Tool
    • Frequency:

    Daily or more often as needed
    • By:

    a. Be sure the appliance is allowed to cool, has been
    unplugged and the exhaust blower is off. If you are
    just cleaning the firepot, there is no need to unplug the
    b. Pull firepot cleaning rod OUT and IN a couple of times
    to help shake debris loose. If rod is hard to pull, it may
    be necessary to use your fi repot clean-out tool to chip
    away material that has built up on the bottom plate of
    the firepot and to push out any clinkers. Larger clinkers
    may have to be removed from the top of the fi repot.
    Corn clinkers can be especially difficult to break up.
    c. T he firepot floor plate must be fully closed when
    fi nished.

    See Figure 27.1 on page 27

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    I used graphite powder.
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    I put Never-Sieze on my pivot bolts when I first got the stoves and they still turn freely as long as I have NO build up on the dump valve. I still have that can of Never-Sieze silver stuff after 50 years! You don't need much......... to get it from elbow to finger tip AND NOSE! :)
    I also still haven't gotten around to making the little metal plates to put on the bottom of the burn pot so there is no buildup. The plate falls into the ash when you pull it. Clean it and put it back in. I can't remember whose idea it was but it's one of the best ideas going! Too bad I'm too lazy to get out a pair of tin snips and make them! The height of laziness, I guess.
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