Central Boiler - Classic Edge 550 leaking

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Dec 28, 2015
HI all,
Trying to help my dad with his boiler (Central Boiler - Classic Edge 550 approx 8 years old). We filled the boiler to start the season as the water level was low. We did have a couple nights that were freezing and I'm afraid something must have froze as once we had the boiler to the proper water level, I'd say in about 2 hours the water level was already at the bottom of the sight gauge and I did notice water pooling at the bottom of the boiler in a couple places. So my question, has anyone taken the sides off and where do you start looking as I'm guessing it's all spray foamed and difficult to determine the area that is leaking? Is there a weak point? Is there a place a person should look first if you suspect something has frozen and burst?

Thanks in advance,
Burnt out
Myself i would be shopping for a new boiler
In a roundabout way, a property my brother an i own had a CB installed by a previous tenant.
It meets all the bad reviews on CB's, but i don't have to run it so i don't care.
It hovers through 3 semiloads of wood a year,all the neighbors hate it as it smokes out the neighborhood.
If it ever has any issues that come back to me i will winch it onto my rollback and take it to the dump.
Hopefully the deal closes on the property before that happens, but the tenants know it will not be replaced by us if anything goes bad.
Yours probably has an easy fix as they are not pressurized, but in the end you still have a CB.
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Many here disfavor CB boilers. I've never heard much good about them. After 8 yrs, it's time for a good upgrade.
Was the install for your dad or come with a recently purchased home? Asking because, one shouldn't skimp on underground pex lines.
Turns out it's only been used for 4 seasons. Underground pex is working fine - no leaks there. It's something on the boiler itself. Thanks.
Underground pex is working fine - no leaks there
I was referencing their performance. Not all are rated equal. See the sticky section.

"Underground lines. Not the place to skimp."
I think you should be looking for the leak inside the boiler rather than trying to guess the location and peeling off foam on the outside. I don't know how a 550 is built but on my 5036 you can climb inside the firebox to inspect it. If that's possible for yours, check at the ash line on the side walls. If this area isn't scraped clean on a semi-regular basis, moisture can hide under a buildup of creosote and over time, eat through the boiler wall.