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    I am looking at purchasing an older home, well a really old home, and renovating it extensively. I am needing info on options of heating installations. What I am considering is a central wood-electric furnace for the main heat source installed in the basement. I am wanting to also have a small stove in the house on the main floor as a backup cooking appliance in case of emergency(ie/Quebec's situation last winter). My questions are as follows:

    1) What are my options of wood burning furnaces and their manufacturers in Canada? ( I prefer to buy a Canadian made appliance for CSA approval purposes but if an import will do a better job and get approval I am game)

    2) Is there any way of heating my water via the wood furnace as can be done with a wood stove?

    3) If I have a wood furnace in the basement is it possible to have the wood stove on the same chimney or will this affect the ability of the chimney to draw properly?

    4) With a furnace are there any options of having a cooking surface or oven as part of a wood burning furnace?

    5) Are the outside wood boilers as poor as they are made out to be in the materials I have been searching through?


    1.In terms of hot air units, I only know of Newmac and Benjamin Products (Nova Scotia) that make this. Also, a brand name called Yukon is made by a company called Alpha American in Mn.
    2. Yes, you can use a coil that is internal or external to the furnace. Many manufacturers offer this as an option.
    3. If the chimney is sufficiently tall and of proper size and insulation, then it may work OK.
    4. No, not that I know of.
    5. In my experience, most are rather poor and "homemade" looking. There may be some exceptions to the rule. Do some research into the companies that make them and check out their track records.
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