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    My husband saw on one of those "fix-it" home shows, a ceramic wood burning stove that burnt so efficiently that it burned all night on one log, remained hot for hours after it was out and of course left very little ash. Said it was very expensive and thinks it was probably European. In doing a search (for an hour and a half now) I have found a link for a site called "The Ceramic Stove Company", but every time I try to bring it up it tells me it timed out. Can you help. Have you ever heard of such a stove? We would also like a list of stove (and inserts) in order of their efficiency. Thanks!!!


    Here is the site you were looking for:


    There are a few other terrific stone stoves available today. Two of which come to mind are Hearthstone, Tulikivi & Woodstock Soapstone. These products use thick soapstone to capture the heat, and slowly transfer the heat into the room even if the fire is out. But, one log, all night long? Hmmmnn, it must be a very large log. You'll need to put a few more pieces in to last all night. You can get more information through our website on these two fine products.

    You can also go to the HPBA website at www.hpba.org, or go to your search engine and look under fireplaces, or woodstoves.

    Efficiency-wise, you'll find that most new catalytic stoves are rated anywhere from 72 - 80%, and non-catalytic stoves from 63 - 70%. Since the aesthetic will vary, select the look and features that best fit your lifestyle. Don't get too hung up on efficiency because they are all in the same range. Most stoves and inserts made today are excellent. Good luck.

    Link: The Ceramic Stove Company
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