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Nov 27, 2012

My husband and I are moving in a few weeks to our new home in La Honda, CA. The homes main source of heat is an older model woodstove (not really old - I couldn't find the manufacturer or any other information on, in or under the stove when asked for this information by my home owners insurance company). In any case, one of our main concerns is what to do when the stove is in operation and our nephew crawls around the living room. One thought is that he won't get near enough to touch it (and get burned) because it will be too hot in the near proximity of the stove, the other is that he is down so low to the ground, he won't notice the heat until he get's too close. I've thought of erecting one of those child-proof gates around the stove, but I'm not sure how effective this will be. The stove is set in the corner of the room and can't easily be barricaded any other way. Do you have thoughts or solutions to this problem? I'm sure other people have asked this question before...


Kathi, having been through 3 children and 20+ years of woodstoves, I do have some experience with this. I have found that adults are more likely to touch a stove and be burned. Animals and children do have an instinct to stay away from a radiant heat surface. My kids used to play with the stove when cold, and then stay away when it was hot. You can also get a freestanding screen called a "Child Guard" - about $70.00. This forms a barrier around the front and sides of the unit and is lightweight and easy for you to move.

One example at:

Link: Child Guard Screen Example
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