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    Hi, I searched your Q&A database but didn't see a similar question. I was told by a chimney sweep that a chimney cap would prevent water from coming into the chimney and rusting my stove. How likely is it that my stove would rust out due to water coming in through the chimney? (I have a steel stove, so I am concerned). Is a chimney cap worth the expense?


    Good question ! Here's the scoop: A chimney cap will prevent some water from going down the chimney. However, it is rare that this water would cause a steel stove to rust or even shorten it's life. There are, however, other reasons to consider a chimney cap. Birds, Raccoons and other critters LOVE to go into warm chimneys...and having an animal removal expert come to your home can cost hundreds of dollars. In addition, a lot of water in your chimney can worsen the stale chimney odor that often occurs during the humid weather. Lastly, most caps have a screening that protects against large sparks or embers exiting your flue (onto your roof)

    All in all, a pretty good investment...I recommend the 100% stainless steel models - Around $75 to $100. installed

    11/2007 Updated price for stainless steel chimney caps $100-$200
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