Chimney exit temperature quite high

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I know nothing about the codes in Australia but here generally insert installs in zero clearance fireplaces don't meet code. Do you have a liner running from the insert through the old fireplace flue
Pretty much all inserts can be bought with a zero clearance box as mentioned, so can be installed in a masonry chimney, or inside a stud enclosure using the optional box that looks like this.

Chimney exit temperature quite high
Ok just checking

Think I am going to wait for a cool weekend and light the fire. Have a FLIR Thermal camera so going to confirm the temp of the fire and jump on the roof to check the heat coming out the top of the chimney as well (never confirmed its reading)

Just for giggles after i think i will put the 4 foot of 6" and 10" pipe back in between and then do the same thing again. I don't think it will be any different but at least will give me a data point.

Going to confirm I am getting secondary burns as well, will grab some pictures and video