Chimney extention.

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    Here is a question I have. I burned my farm stove for the first time in cooler/cold weather. II have a few problems first I know the wood I was burning was not near ready, but also the chimney is a bit short at somewhere around 13ft tall.

    I think I need to extend the chimney taller to get a bit better draft. I have a 6" liner that ends in a top plate and normal cap that came with the package. I have heard folks on here say I can extend it upward with a class A chimney. My question is how do you do that? The inner diameter of the flexliner is 6"s right, which sits down in the top plate which my guess to be a 6.5" or so inner diameter. IF I cut the liner flush with the top cap (right now it protrudes 5"s or so maybe 3"s from the top plate.) and slip the A pipe into the liner, what holds the A pipe to the top, since it does not lock to the top plate?
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    You would need to discard the top plate and cap for the liner. Purchase an anchor plate, this will anchor into the concrete chimney. You need to purchase one with a liner coupler on the bottom of it. Sometimes they need to be made custom, but available. This will attach to the liner on the underside then give you a male end for the class A pipe to lock into. Then you would need to purchase a new rain cap and depending on the height of the Class A, roof support brackets.

    Personally, I know it is harder work but I would extend the chimney using chimney block. It will be cheaper than using class A. This way you could purchase just a liner coupler and a length of 6" liner and you could reuse the same top plate and cap.
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