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    Great site! I just replaced my wood burner chimney and have doubts I've done it the RIGHT way...the chimney is a straight shot right up through the roof. I the chimney starts at the stove as a 5' length of single wall. This attaches to a Metalbestos adapter, with the rest of the chimney 'Metalbestos.' I have what I think is called a thimble at the ceiling. It's a round collar, 20" outer diameter with a 8" opening, attached to the ceiling joists. The joint of the "twist on, single wall adapter" rests just inside of what I'm calling the thimble/collar which is currently supporting the weight of three, 3' sections of insulated pipe. Is this normal installation practice? My next concern is this: as I mentioned, I have single wall right up to my thimble/collar. Should I be concerned about heat transfer through the single wall, through the thimble/collar, and then to a combustable? or should my insulated pipe extended down through the thimble to eliminate heat transfer? I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion, and getting warm here in


    It sounds like you have done the job correctly by the manufacturers specs. The "ceiling support" is designed to have the insulated chimney sit inside it, and the chimney is supoorted by this. The support provides 2" (usually) of clearance to wood. The single wall adapter screws into the bottom of the bottom section of chimney and extends down through the ceiling support.

    Even though it seems to you that the heat will transfer through the ceiling support, it should be very safe. The top of the ceiling support is purposely left open so that heat can rise out of it. Be sure you do not put insulation too close around the support in the attic/floor.
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