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    We have a new Regency Large woodstove. Just recently, when the stove is hot and we open the door to put more wood in we get a rattling noise from the stove pipe that sounds like a rainstick. When we load the wood in and close the door, after about 20 seconds the noise dies down and stops. What is causing this? Is this a problem?


    You are probably building up a small amount of creosote (tars) on the inside of the stovepipe..and then igniting it. You are hearing the creosote burn and fall down the pipe as it turns to ash and soot.

    Stovepipe is smooth and relatively cool, so creosote tends to condense on it...this will ease up a bit after the stovepipe develops a small insulating coating of ash on the inside.

    Make certain you follow the wood burning tips at https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.html
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