Chimney/stove pipe install advice needed

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Jan 8, 2023
We just had a house built, went with Excel chimney pipe in a framed chase. Our builder installed the pipe, and I'm questioning one part of the install.

We have a wood stove in the living room, and then planning on one in the basement directly below it sharing the same chase; that's why you'll see two sets of chimney pipe in the chase. My concern right now is where and how they terminated the class A pipe for the living room stove. My builder says it's fine, he's done this many times. He's an old school guy, been building houses for 40+ years. My wood stove dealer who's also been doing this a long time found it a little questionable, but in the end said he felt ok about it.

The pictures below show the sequence of the build that I got pictures of. Unfortunately there was a step that I missed. Pictures 1-3 show the chimney pipe install before being covered up. After those pictures were taken, the wall thimble was added and my builder says they moved the studs and boxed around the frame of the thimble per the instructions, so I don't have pictures of just how close combustibles are to the pipe. That said, I'm comfortable that he did that. My concern is should he have brought class A pipe out into the room more instead of terminating it and attaching the adapter to transition to stove pipe basically flush with the stone.

Picture 4 you can see they added cement board to the wall here, then 5-6 they prepped and put on the scratch coat, then stone in picture 7. I bought Excel brand double-wall stove pipe, so I have a clearance of 6" to combustibles with that pipe. What I can't confirm is if through the stone/wall thimble, scratch coat, we would have 6" to the studs. But I also don't know if given how it was done if it matters. Still, it seems to me class A should have been brought into the room another 6", then fitted with the stove pipe adapter. That would also make more sense for using the shroud piece in picture 8. That piece (which they splattered paint on) isn't meant to have stove pipe running through it, only the adapter will fit through the hole. Seems like it was meant to cover class A and then have the adapter protruding from it. As things were done, to make use of that thing, I'll need to cut it down to about an inch and a quarter and you'll only see the face side of it at all anyway as the walls of that piece will be within the stone.

It seems to me the thing to do would be to remove the stove pipe adapter, add another 6" or 12" piece of class A, and install the adapter at the end of that. However as you can see in pictures 9-11, that's probably impossible without tearing stone off. My woodstove dealer was concerned until he saw the cement border and scratch coat, etc.. At that point he felt it would be ok. Any thoughts? Do I need to figure out how to tear that thing out and add class A to it or am I worrying over nothing?











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