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    We are building a new home and am diligently trying to determine the best wood burning stove to purchase. We want one that will heat approximately 2500 sq ft. I love the looks of the Jotul firelight stove; however, I understand that it does not come with a blower to circulate the heat. How efficient is this in comparison with, for instance, the Buck Model 80? Also, how easy is it to keep the class clean on the front? We had a stove once before that I had to clean the glass each and every day...what a chore! Please help with this as soon as possible as the electrician is working on the new construction even as I type! Thanks.


    The Jotul does not need a blower... A blower on a stove does not really add to the heat efficiency....it might blow the heat 3 feet from the stove....but then it's natural air circulation that takes it further. The Jotul is cast-iron, a material that produces a good steady heat. It also has the top loading feature which is great for easy tending. They are also the largest stove company in the world. Rest assured that the Jotul is capable of heating as much or more than the Buck, and doing it in high style ! The glass stays quite clean on the newer model..if you burn very low, you'll have to clean it a bit more but still MUCH better than earlier models.

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