Clancey's thread believe it or not...

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Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
This is world wide semipro and it could be a combination of things that can never be corrected even with moving and the best that I can do to prove this to myself is trying to find a quiet place which I have not found "yet"...but I do know when it began here at my house and it began when they dug up the street in front of my house and fooled with the water piping under the ground and the drain off things and at the same time they put in the 5g light pole that is in three sections and brought a strange looking electric line to the back of my ally by way of going somehow underneath the ground to get to the back portion--amazing what they can lol I have pictures...At the same time they were updating the house at the corner and putting in a mother in law apartment in the middle of their yard with new electric lines and new plumbing plus leveling the ground even with my front yard for it used to be a hill about three feet higher on their property vrs my front yard. So the two properties are now both the same ground level and they dug up the front of their property as well.
Then on one day I heard the hum and wondered what it was and in my house it is louded then in the rest of the neighborhood. I somehow know it is coming from that 5G pole because of the stoppage of the noise when the man in the white van fixing it made the noise silent for some seconds of time. It sounds sort of like a cooling fan or something but to no avail have I found out about where it might be coming from...I turned off the electricity to my house..I drained the plumbing and shut the valves off as well as turning off the gas supply--nothing abates it...and nobody when I ask them if they hear anything ---all say so far--no nothing---and it is frustrating for I know that my ears are just fine and let us not forget the vibration that goes along with it..Its all over this city and in other places I can pick up the sound but not as loud like it is in my home..It is bearable outside and in different places and not so powerful outside but in my house it is a different story and I really think the aluminum siding and copper piping (boiler water system) has something to do with it.. There are people married in the same household where the husband hears it and his wife does not and vice versa and I have never come across anybody on the net who had moved away from it so far and I am still looking and I really think this is a global something maybe coming from the satelites in space for there are a lot of them up there...Then again it could be some sort of radio waves----who knows---so all I can do is search for quiet for no ultility company cares about it for I tried to put in noise complaints and with no results as people say maybe you should go to the ear doctor...They have dug up this whole city and put metal chips or things under the road and I ask them what are they for and no one really knows saying things I do not understand nor can I duplicate what they say--forget--drainage pipes or something or speed stoppers or whatever and they do all of this work at "lightening speed" as well and I have never seen people so very productive to get the job done like if they have a time table or something to finish up the work and this is all over this city...Just saying here and this is a brand new culture and world coming maybe its for electric cars or trucks or something--I have no idea and only very few of us can hear the hum that is constant..So I have done a lot of research about underground wires and water tanks and water reservoirs and central city piping as well as gas lines and towers---none of these items I understand well but it is something to search for to try to get silence once again...It ain't I take my little trips just to pacify myself and say I tried that and it did not work...Keep plugging that's all I can say-----one thing I do notice-----When they started advertising about tinnitus on television a few years back a whole bunch then the next batch of advertising was about dry eyes and it progressed now to muscles cramps in people legs and all this is happening to me so I look forward to see what the next batch of health advertisements will be for the market places seem to know what is going to be the next big seller of things...either ear doctors or dry eye drops or leg help therapy where they tell you that if 70% is nerve damage the treatment will not help so get into this therapy now..(has to do with muscle cramps)...Now if you look at all of this in a certain way it could be humorous but it is so very serious and no one believes and makes you out like its tin hat time...Sorry I wrote a book here but wanted you to understand and there are other people out there who have the very same problem and they believe you....There is a place called Green Bank West Virginia and it is suppose to be free of radio waves and emf and wifi and the rest because these type of waves would interfere with the workings of the observatory that they have there..and I just wonder if that is a quiet zone...Just thoughts here nothing else...thanks for the post..old clancey