Cleaner burning is only one reason for adopting EPA Regs

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Apr 22, 2006 at 12:24 PM

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    I admit I have other motives for requiring 1990 EPA regs concerning wood stoves.
    #1 they are cleaner burning less polluting and consume less wood
    #2They are newer.

    This reminds me of an inspection last year, where the Insurance Company requested a homeowner to have his stove inspected. As I am reading the permit application, it identifies the stove as being a 1976 Ashley. I tell the secretary not to file the check and that, I will take it with me for the inspection. The stove has the white ring around it from constant overtiring. The stove itself was made using two layers of sheet metal. The inner layer is warped and actually has burn threw holes. I asked the owner how long he has had the stove. he bought it new. I was forced to put the orange condemned sticker on the stove. I handed him his check back. The guy get mad at me tells me he never had problems with the stove. I tell him when it looks cherry red there is a problem. I tell him all the signs of over firing are present. He wants to argue with me and starts, but his wife interrupts, and said she feared the stove use for years. Next thing I know they are having the discussion. She actually thanks me as I leave.
    The motive is to eliminate such situations and there are many more out there.
    The adoption of the EPA regs has to be posted and publicized. All existing permitted stoves would be grandfathered. Ones not permitted would require permitting and inspections. A grace period would occur between May 15,, to Sept 15, so that they can arrange inspections After Sept 15 all woodstove permitted would have to be EPA approved. I not trying to tell anyone they can not have a wood stove, but trying to make sure they are safe for use.
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