Cleaning glass window

netmouse Posted By netmouse, Feb 13, 2012 at 3:51 PM

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    Just a note. Didn't see much on this here doing a search.

    I had some wood that burned slow and left stuff on the glass window. Some looked pretty tacky.

    Someone recommended (several videos also on YouTube) cleaning the window by dipping crumbled newspaper in some water, then ash, and gently rubbing the glass. Then rinsing off with just paper and water.

    My stove's manual simply says to use ceramic glass cleaner. I had it already to clean the top of my stove stove, and it worked excellently on the wood stove's glass.
  2. WellSeasoned

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    What you read is correct, and any cleaner sold on the market for wood stoves should do a fine job too. If the glass is really dirty, a good hot burn with properly seasoned wood should do the trick also, however if the wood your burning is questionable, and the glass stays dark or black, it could become etched. My glass stays clean besides for some fly ash, but I can remember a time our two that I had to close up the stove pre maturly to go somewhere and came back to dirty glass. Good luck.
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    I stack big splits in the back of the fire box and smaller stuff in the front close to the glass. I cold-start top down in front on the small stuff, or rake coals forward and load the same way. The small stuff in front is closest to the air coming in so it burns first and usually burns off whatever was left on the glass.
    If I need to actually clean the glass, I use 50/50 mix of vinegar and water.
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    damp newspaper/paper towel with some ash on it will clean your stove glass - even the thick brown stuff.

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