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    I was wondering what the proper placement from a back wall should be for the wood burner it is being used in a garage for heat when we are working there. I have put up a cement board wall behind the burner. Was wondering if it should be 18 inches from stove or 18 inches from pipe. Bought burner at a sale and there are no instructions thank you.


    Many building codes do not allow the use of wood heaters or any flame in a garage. This is due to the possibility of gasoline and other vapors. Those that do usually specify that the fire be a certain distance off the floor since gas vapors can build up there. As I remember, 18" to the fire was the spec.

    Wall clearances are different for all stoves. 36" is the clearance for most older radiant stoves without any built-in heat shielding. You can reduce this by placing a piece of sheet metal on 1" spacers from the wall. This cuts the clearance by 2/3, however you still have to think about the pipe. This usually has to be 18" from the wall, however if you shield the wall or the pipe you can cut that in 1/2.
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