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    My wife and I recently bought a house, a log home, which came with a coal/wood burning stove.

    I spoke with the previous owner and he gave me instructions on the use of the stove. He said that once the coals are burning, that I should then close the flue. This would keep the heat from going up the chimney.

    The stove itself has "knobs" on the front which the previous owner said controls the gases created from the coal.

    My question is: Is it normal for the stove to "take care of" the gases like this? I am sort of concerned about closing the flu because of the CO produced by the coal....


    Yes, this sounds like proper operation. Keep in mind that flue dampers have holes in and around then and can be closed to different degrees. For instance, in the warmer times of year, you may not close the flue dampers at all. In the coldest weather it might be closed most of the time...except when starting and loading. This also depends on the draft of the chimney.

    Read the Coal tips article on HearthNet . With this background and some experience with your particular stove, you'll be an expert in no time!

    Link: Hearth.com Articles
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