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    What is the proper temperature for a chimney with a coal stove. The thermometer on the chimney registers between 200 and 250 degrees . The chimgard energy meter says that the chimney temp should be between 275 and 450 degrees. The temp on top of the stove is 450 to 475 degrees. This stove is a Riteway model 37. We just had a stainless steel liner installed. Before we had a clay liner would this make a difference in operating temps?


    Most Coal is very efficient in burning, as it is almost pure carbon with very few gases. The result is usually lower stack temperatures than wood, because there are no flames racing up the chimney. In addition, your particular stove has a large firebox, which allows the gases to cool somewhat before going up the chimney. A stack temperature of 225-250 should be fine, with some lower and higher readings over the course of a fire.

    The liner will help assure a good draft and warm chimney, and could help raise the stack temperature slightly (which is good in this case).

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